Take a look to find out more about how the idea for the Simple Girls Life project was born.

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Is living a simple life that easy? Is that even possible? How to do it, how to change your life so that you can live as you want? Lots of questions that more and more people are looking to answer today. What is the unique formula by which we discover this great secret?

About us

What does “simple girls life” mean?

I am a Girl, that wants to live a Simple Life, and I am in a search of the recipe for happiness. 

I invite you to join me on this journey! It will be an exciting adventure in which we will look for the simplicity of life, joy in everyday things, and free time outside the usual hustle and bustle..

Why am I creating this page?

My life story is similar to the stories of many women. Education – career – children – the revelation that the chosen career is not really fun – a period of reflection – stress that I do not know what I want in life – experiments with different fields and, finally – events that changed my life. In search of myself and my true calling, I stumbled upon a place and time where I realized what I wanted. In one of the woman camps, where I went to charge myself, I realized that this is precisely my calling – to organize happy moments for others and myself. Just that simple!

In this blog I want to share my thoughts and experiences. Together with the readers, to get to know and understand more about the things that hold us back. The important thing is to find ourselves and live according to that. To do this, you have to solve many different challenges that you come across on a daily basis. One of them is the daily stress that leads to dissatisfaction with life. Stress can lead to burnout or even depression. In order to deal with stress and heal burnout and depression, it is important to understand and get to know it. This is the right way to heal yourself. And in parallel, then, we need to change our thinking about how to live easily without complicating life and relationships. To live without unnecessary burdens and material values.

For living today, not tomorrow!

Since childhood, I have had the desire to organize thematic events with my family, and in search of my real joy in life, I realized – what you love should be included in your daily life as a basis for career development. If you do something with pleasure, everything works out!

And, of course, one of the preconditions for this idea to become a reality is taking care of yourself. It doesn’t just mean relaxing on the beach; it often means discipline, giving up something that doesn’t work for yourself, forcing yourself to get up when you feel like you cannot. That’s what taking care of yourself really means!


” Tomorrow is not granted for anyone, will I even get to my next holiday? And do I really want holidays to be the only time of happy living? And it was these reflections that prompted me to create this page! To look for opportunities, share with them how to live today, here and now without waiting for anything! Doing exactly what you want! And live without being blamed for your choices. Can you do that too? Of course! “

Take a breath

You ask, how can you build your life through hobbies? But that’s exactly what I think life is about! Learning to charge yourself with joy even between the holidays. We sometimes focus so much on daily responsibilities and work that there is no time to even take a breath!

Especially if there are children – we always send them somewhere so we can work and then, we are so tired of working that we feel guilty that there is not enough strength and energy for them! And then I asked myself – what is life like – for us to work hard to provide the best possible living conditions and education for children and then to once a year go to relax under the palm trees and regain strength?

take a breath