Become A Writer For Us

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At some point in our life, we all try to master the skill of living easy, yet fulfilled. But what are those things that help us to see and get more out of life and to live happily? To reach the harmony of everyday life we have to be open. To receive from the world as well as give back – to build a mutual connection. By sharing your knowledge and skills you can make this world a better place!

Our goal here is to create a space where women from all around the world could find inspiration, motivation for harmony and knowledge that will help in taking steps towards living life easier! We are expressing our knowledge in writing and we understand that it is not possible to create this community by ourselves. It is time to accept your help as a writer!


  1. Together we will come up with terms, as agreement on price per word and how many articles per month you could provide.
  2. We will then share with you the list of titles, topics and content descriptions for the articles. We are continuously researching new ideas and adding these up to the list.  And with the time you might be asked to collaborate in this process with your own ideas!
  3. The average length for the article is 1500 words. However, as long as you can provide good quality work – do not limit yourself to 1500 words! You also have the freedom to research the topic and deliver the content. We would provide a suggested structure of the article but you can express your writing style as you wish!
  4. When you have finished the writing, article goes through the editing stage. Here, you might receive feedback as we are interested in effective long term cooperation!


The price range per word depends on:

  • The previous experience. It is not essential for you to have experience as a content writer, however it would give you a significant advantage and you could earn more, if you are a good writer.
  • How well we can cooperate. This is very important. It will be easier for both sides if all the rules are followed and if we can reach mutual understanding.
  • And of course, the quality of your writing.

We offer to start at 0.02$ per word which would result in 30$ for a 1500 word article. Once we see that the quality of your work is good we can discuss increasing the price and also give you the freedom to choose your own topics.

“Do I have to be a full-time professional writer?”

No. We are looking for knowledge, as well as practical skills and willingness to inspire! We want to cooperate with people who actually know the topic and live by it. Of course, you should be proficient in English and good with grammar.

If you have already written content that is published – please add links of it to your application. This will help us to better and faster understand what are your capabilities and how efficient our cooperation can be. 🙂

“How much of my time should I dedicate to this?”

We are looking for someone who could deliver at least 5000 words per month, ideally 10 000 words. On average this could take 10-20 hours of your time in a month, of course it depends on your working pace and daily routine. Probably when starting you will need more time to write an article and with time it could decrease – therefore the price is determined for words, not for time.

“Everything sounds great!” HOW TO APPLY?

  1. Fill out the contact form below.
  2. Create a Google document for the article. This will help us understand if you know how to deal with Google documents and tools as we use these in our work.
  3. In that document please write a 1500 word article about any subject regards balance, harmony or self-development. Have a look at our current blog to get ideas and a better understanding about our mission. We guarantee – if we choose to publish your article on our site – you will get paid.

Do not hesitate to get in touch – use our contact form to apply or in case you have any questions!

We promise to reply to every serious inquiry and application. Even if we choose to not cooperate with you in the future, we will give our feedback about the article you have written for the application!