How to set goals?

There are a lot of contradictions in this type of thought. You might think, “Is it bad to cut some slack once in a while?” The following question is – how often can you? And what if you want to do it every day?

It is all about starting the day slowly, without any rush. However, this is not the same as starting a day without meaning, happy thoughts, the target to experience something new and fully enjoying every day.

Science of goals

There is no clear answer to the above questions. And that’s good because human is a fantastic creature with a complex brain function! When we set goals, our brains put a mental picture as if we have already achieved that target. Whether it is a vision of tomorrow or life after 20 years, whether it is a small achievement or a big one.

Scientists say that when thinking about the future and visualizing the goals of life, there is no difference between what we want in the future and what we have now. If we do not reach what is set and visualized, then the brain perceives it exactly as if we had lost something! Then maybe you don’t need to set goals at all?

On the other hand, our bodies produce dopamine (a neurotransmitter that helps control the brain’s centers of satisfaction/reward and pleasure) when we are actively working towards our targets. That’s when we become happier, more inspired and healthier.

Do you even need goals?

Goals are clearly needed, but they must not be too small or too big. If they are too small, there will be no pleasure in reaching them. However, if the targets are too high, it is expected to be very disappointing if the goals are not achieved.

That is it. There is no one right scenario for everyone (planting a tree, raising a son, knocking down a snake). We each have our own personality with our own experience, upbringing, innate qualities and desires. Our whole being is so different from each other, which is why there are different needs for happiness.

One longs to become a billionaire, the other – to own his own apartment in 30 years. Both targets are equally acceptable to two different people.

Philosophical thoughts about goals

I like to think that we are all born to learn something in this life. Whether we are here for 30 years or 120 years, each of us has something to accomplish to move on, leaving something valuable and lasting for our descendants. Sometimes I like to imagine that my consciousness consists of dozens of different lives.

Every time I get here on Earth, I set myself new things to learn, put myself into a new life and completely erase the whole memory of what happened before. Then I sit here and think about what I wanted to learn and why I chose such conditions.

What goals to set?

There are a lot of materials and ways to set goals. Careful analysis can result in a complex structure with 300+ different goals, each with dates, measurements, sub-goals, and tasks that can lead to burnout. It is not my job in this article to set out all about how to structure and meet goals

I would like to draw more attention to the importance of setting goals. A great way to start setting and achieving goals is to define at least 5 active life targets that you can achieve in a year and take action every week to move each one forward.

  • At least one 25-year goal, vision, mission
  • The purpose of all life, or what is then what you ultimately want to achieve during your life
  • 2-3 goals you want to achieve in 10-25 years (house, career, abilities)
  • 5-year targets (one or more)
  • This year’s goals.

Everyday with set goals

Returning to the story of the morning, when I want to sleep even longer, as well as the desire for the surrounding conditions to adapt to me – I allow for it to happen from time to time, and I even need it! But on a daily basis, this feeling raises questions about why I choose to spend less time here and now.

I like those mornings when I wake up and want to get up to start the day. Because today is another day when I will fulfill things to live a happy day.

My suggestion is to wake up with the idea that today will be a day full of energy because I will achieve new things! This is already a whole, big and important goal.

Final thoughts

Setting goals is an important part of life and can be a great way to stay motivated and focused.

By following these tips, you can make sure you stay on track and reach your goals. If you want more tips on how to live a happier life, check out our other articles.

About the author

I am a Girl, that wants to live a Simple Life, and I am in a search of the recipe for happiness.  I invite you to join me on this journey! It will be an exciting adventure in which we will look for the simplicity of life, joy in everyday things, and free time outside the usual hustle and bustle.

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