Prayer for depression

Whether it’s a broken heart, an abusive relationship, a failed dream, or loneliness, we have all experienced uncomfortable and dark places in life. You may be there today? If you feel overwhelmed with anxious thoughts and depression use this prayer as a guide.

I encourage you to find a quiet place, away from everyone, and as you are reading this dive into the presence of God.

Pray for your friend

Lord, depression is a frightening reality in our world. It’s a much more common and devastating enemy than many of us realize. It sucks the joy out of everything, crushing our spirit and blinding us from the real blessings all around us. My loved one is suffering from depression, and I need Your help! I come to You to intervene on my behalf, knowing that Your boundless power can free them from the pain they are facing.

I know that my loved one cannot battle this depression alone. A solid support system around him will be the greatest advantage in this fight. Help all of his family, friends, and loved ones to gather around him in this time, offering genuine love and support in whatever areas are necessary. Most importantly, Lord, I pray that You reach into his heart and soul, releasing him from this immeasurable weight upon him. Restore him to the joy of life and renew his perspective by Your healing hand. There are so many joys to experience in life, and I know You can help him experience it all once again.

In Your Holy name, Amen.

Pray for yourself

Father, Thank you for my life and all that I am because of you. Before you, I lay all my cares and concerns in life. I come to you because I don’t know how to handle negative thoughts that wear me down.

Take captive all my negative thoughts and beliefs and renew my mind with your words. Take away all my fears and concerns. I wish nothing more but for you to be an active and present part of my life. Thank you for creating me according to Your image and restore to me the design You envisioned when You formed me in your mother’s womb.

Let me know that you are near, that you see me and care for me, and you will never leave me or forsake me. Thank you, Lord.

In Your Holy name, Amen.

Depression is not your final destination

It may be the reality of your present moment, but I wish you to find strength within yourself to push past the trap of anxiousness and depression. One of the greatest ways to develop your joy and grow in your faith is to hear God’s voice and speak God’s word. May God bless you and your loved ones and guide you through the next steps you take. Blessings are coming your way.

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