Prayer for work-related stress

The tension between work and relationships can sometimes hurt and cause us a lot of stress. Most of us have to interact with people whose personalities are different from our own. Their opinions, actions and beliefs are diverse. Pray this prayer and ask God to help you to let go of the stress in your life.

Pray for your friend

Lord, from the beginning, You have made work an integral part of our lives. While work has evolved and transformed throughout the years, it is still the way we provide for ourselves and our families. Adam and Eve worked the Garden, and we do all kinds of things in our modern world. While work is a blessing, it can also be very stressful. Since it’s the way we provide for ourselves and our families, there is a continual pressure to perform and not always a lot of grace given to us.

My loved one is facing this stress. They work hard and value their job, yet that’s not enough. The ever-increasing stress to do more, drama among co-workers, and short-staffing issues are causing new stresses seemingly every day. This stress is causing my loved one the inability to leave these things at work, bringing their stress home with them. This is affecting their friends, family, and loved ones, as they are not their usual selves, even at home, because of the stress.

Help them to know they don’t have to bear this weight alone. Free them from the weight of this stress in the way only You can. Open their mind to healthier coping strategies that will allow them to keep work at work so they can be present in every other area of their life. Help them to know that it’s fine to ask for help! Remind them that You and their family and friends are there to help them navigate this very real burden upon them.

In Jesus name, Amen.

Pray for yourself

I bow my knees before You and thank You for all the divine things You have created. Thank You that I am made in Your image. I thank You for my family, for the food You provide for me and for the health You have given me. You see that my life is very overloaded with stress at work.
Father, forgive me for the times when I have been angry with my colleagues. Give me strength and patience when I am angry with them, and remind me to bring it before You.

Help me to cope with these difficult situations and give me wisdom so that I can be a light in the darkness and can draw more people to You. Let me be the light in my work instead of the stressed and unpleasant person I currently am.

Help me to be free from misunderstandings, judgments and accusations. Work in my heart so that my only desire is to see everything through Your eyes and to wish the best for all. Today I bring all my problems to You, remind me how powerful you are. Give me a heart of forgiveness, as Jesus has for me.

I ask in Jesus name, Amen.

Be guided prayerfully

I wish you to find ways to prepare yourselves to deal with the tension between responding and answering, allowing God to manage it. Find strength within yourselves and resist confrontational situations with this prayer. May God bless you.

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