The daily dose of motivation

Sometimes you already wake up motivated and ready to do things, but sometimes something is missing and you just cannot start your day. The best way to get motivated is to set goals and strive for them. No one has said that it will be easy and that it will happen quickly. It is much easier to set goals than to achieve them.

Whether you are aware of it or not, motivation has enormous power in your life. There are many health benefits we can get from increased motivation and how to live simple. It is a psychological state that is related to our physiology.

Tips to increase motivation

When our motivation is low, our ability to function suffers. However, fluctuations in unhealthy motivation also can be explained by addiction, gambling, risk-taking and excessive internet use. The motivation that underlies addictive behavior has a neurological basis.

Reduce daily entertainment

When many obstacles surround you, you deviate from work and tasks. Close the door to your office, if any. Turn on silent mode and place the phone at the other end of the workplace or room.

Action does not always bring happiness, but without action, there is no happiness

William James

Get motivated by the people in your life

Spend less time with negative people who always look at things negatively. And spend more of your time with enthusiastic or motivated people, which allows their energy to flow into you. This will inspire you to set goals that are higher, therefore make you strive for the results harder. 

Play music that gives energy

One of the most natural things to do when you have little energy or motivation is to play music or listen to music that encourages and inspires.

Remind yourself of what you will be moving away from

You can also motivate yourself by looking at the downside of what stays on your current path. Ask yourself: What will be the consequences if I continue to be on the same path for another year? And if I do it for another five years?

This can be the right motivation because everyone wants to climb higher up the career ladder and reach the highest peaks.

Take a break – you deserve it

The only way we can operate at an optimal level is to create time for rest. The moment when you know you can’t set aside, time is usually when you need rest the most. Therefore, book the long-awaited vacation before returning to daily work with new enthusiasm.

Are your biggest goals written and visible so you can see them when you wake up? Our brains need to be continuously reminded of what we want out of our lives. The fact that it is written causes changes in our bodies and belief systems.

What is simply a thought suddenly becomes tangible and visible to everyone. Suddenly, it no longer becomes a vivid imagination, but one that could become a reality. Try making a vision board!

Spend an hour a day learning new skills

Learning new skills is probably the best way to improve your overall value and sales ability as a person. The more knowledgeable you are in various areas, the more people around you will appreciate your knowledge, which will also increase your self-esteem and self-confidence.

What can you do now?

  • Set goals for next year and write them down.
  • Plan how you will reward yourself as you approach your goal to stay motivated.
  • Tell someone about your goal to stay accountable.

If you can create a self-sustaining motivational engine, you will not only be able to find greater meaning and purpose in your life, but you will also be able to enjoy every minute of what you are doing.

Final thoughts

Set goals and start fulfilling them one by one. Small steps for success are enough. A little progress can be just as motivating as a bigger one. The key is for development to continue because as long as it continues, you will be both more satisfied and more positive.

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I am a Girl, that wants to live a Simple Life, and I am in a search of the recipe for happiness.  I invite you to join me on this journey! It will be an exciting adventure in which we will look for the simplicity of life, joy in everyday things, and free time outside the usual hustle and bustle.

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